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Dien Bien

a hilly region located in the northwest of Vietnam, recognized for its remarkable natural magnificence, exceptional delicacies, and a yearly Hoa Ban celebration

Dien Bien (literally called Electricity Border) is a mountainous province located in the northwest of Vietnam, bordering the provinces of Lai Chau and Son La, Yunnan of China, Phongsaly province of Laos, and the districts of Pak Xeng and Pak Ou in Luang Prabang, Laos. Its natural area is 9,554.097 square kilometers with a population of 438,135 people. Dien Bien has a complex terrain composed of mountains and valleys, small, steep rivers, and streams allocated across the province, with the Muong Thanh valley forming a vast paddy field.

It has a tropical monsoon climate, divided into three distinct subregions including subregional climates of Muong Nhe, Muong Lay, and plateau climate Son La and Ma River upstream. Dien Bien has a long history, dating back to ancient times. It was the site of the famous Battle of Dien Bien Phu, where Vietnamese forces defeated French colonial forces in 1954. Dien Bien has 21 ethnic groups living together, with Thai ethnic people covering the majority of the population, followed by Mong, Kinh, and other ethnic groups.

Dien Bien is a mountainous Northwestern region known for its stunning natural beauty, including the Pha Din Pass, Pa Thom Cave, and Pa Khoang Lake. The region's ideal climate also produces unique specialties such as "Nep Nuong" rice, which is used to make dishes like "Xoi Nep Nuong" and "Banh Day," a specialty of the H'mong ethnic minority. Other famous specialties of the region include buffalo dried meat, "Mong Pe" wine, and "Sau chit" wine. The Hoa Ban Festival is an annual event held in Dien Bien province to showcase its natural beauty, culture, and tourism potential. The festival features a range of activities, including traditional performances of the Thai ethnic group's Then and Xoe heritages, sports competitions, cultural displays, and upland markets, among others. Overall, Dien Bien offers a diverse range of attractions that can satisfy the most discerning tourists.