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Lang Son

a mountainous province in northeastern Vietnam, known for its history, natural beauty, strategic importance, and growing tourism industry.

Lang Son is a province located in northeastern Vietnam and shares a border with China. It has a fascinating history dating back to the Bronze Age when it served as an important trade route between China and India. The province is mountainous, with most of its area covered by hills and mountains, and is home to several rivers.

Lang Son is strategically important due to its international and national border gates. The province is also becoming a popular tourist destination, offering cultural and historical attractions like the Rampart of Mac Dynasty, Doan Citadel Vestige, Chi Lang Defile, Ky Cung and Bac Le temples, and the Ky Lua Market. Visitors can also enjoy traditional festivals and sample local cuisine, such as roast duck and pig, and try Mau Son wine and lam rice.

The province's second peak season begins in mid-November, coinciding with the rice harvest. If you want to experience the icy and cold weather on Mau Son Mountain, which only happens occasionally, the best time to visit is between late November and February.