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Lychee Season In Bac Giang, Vietnam

The lychee industry in Vietnam, from cultivation to market dynamics and efforts to digitize the trade.

- [00:45] ๐Ÿ’ Luc Ngan district in Bac Giang province is a major lychee-growing area in Vietnam. The lychee market is bustling, especially during the lychee season.

- [01:10] โฑ๏ธ Lychee prices can fluctuate rapidly depending on supply and demand. Traders and farmers negotiate prices on the spot.

- [02:31] ๐Ÿค The video is part of a collaboration with GrabMart to digitize Vietnam's crops, providing insights into the lychee trade and how to preserve them.

- [16:34] ๐Ÿš› The roads in Luc Ngan are often jammed with trucks and lorries carrying lychees for export, indicating the scale of the lychee industry.

- [27:53] ๐Ÿ›’ The video promotes GrabMart's campaign "Delicious Fruits In Season," aiming to support local farmers by providing them with modern distribution channels.