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Sa Pa

Charming town with diverse hill tribes and stunning landscapes

Sapa, a charming town in the northwest highlands of Vietnam, was established by the French in 1920 as a hill station and is known for its moderate and rainy summer weather and cold, occasionally snowy winters. The name "Sapa" means "Land" in H'mong language, and the town is surrounded by stunning landscapes, including stepped rice terraces and dramatic gorges. Sapa is home to more than a dozen hill tribe groups, such as Hmong, Yao, Zay, Tay, and Xa Pho, making it one of the most culturally diverse areas in Vietnam, and it is a popular destination for trekking due to its beautiful scenery.

Top attractions in Sa Pa

high mountain system, biodiversity, cultural beauty
beautiful terraced fields and Vietnamese culture
peaceful, picturesque, and cultural harmony in Sapa
silver water flows down cliff, creating magnificent white waves
a misty gem in Sapa with beautiful view and unique custom
Vietnam's highest pass, a "Heaven Gate" of magnificence
Roman Gothic architecture, cultural site and love market
Bamboo-rattan bridge over Muong Hoa River, Sapa, Vietnam
a mountain in Sapa offers scenic views and flowers