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Taxis and Ride hailing

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As you embark on your journey to the vibrant and bustling country of Vietnam, transportation will undoubtedly be an important consideration during your travels. While the country has a reliable public transit system in some cities, taxis and ridesharing remain popular options for many visitors and locals alike. Understanding the various options available and how they work can help ensure you arrive at your destinations smoothly and avoid unnecessary frustration. From metered taxis to motorbike taxis and modern ridesharing apps, this guide provides an overview of the transportation landscape in Vietnam's major cities and tips to get you where you need to go. With the right information and preparation, you'll be navigating Vietnam's roads and transit systems with confidence in no time.


Grab, Be, and GoJek are popular ridesharing services in Vietnam, available in most major cities. There is an app for each of these services where you can request a car, taxi, motorbike, or larger vehicle. Since you know the total price before booking, it's a safe option, particularly if you're unfamiliar with the area. You can enter the destination into the app, so it's a convenient option when language is an issue.

For intercity travel, these service providers offer ridesharing between cities and towns in some areas of Vietnam. You can find rides from Hanoi to Halong Bay, Hoi An to Da Nang, or Dalat to Nha Trang, for example. These shared van rides can be a convenient way to travel moderate distances across Vietnam with other travelers.

Some benefits of using ridesharing:

  • Fares are predetermined based on the booking, so no haggling or meter issues. Prices are often lower than taxis.

  • Vehicles and drivers are rated by users, so you can choose higher quality options. Many drivers speak English as well.

  • Payment through the app via credit card, debit card or cash is convenient. No need to have bills for payment.

  • Accurate pickup and drop-off locations can be entered in the app, and drivers use GPS for routing. No written instructions needed.

  • Promo codes and member discounts provide opportunities for reduced fares. Loyalty programs also offer rewards.

Overview of Transportation Options in Vietnam

When navigating Vietnam, you have several transportation options to get you where you need to go.


Taxis are readily available in most cities and towns in Vietnam. Fares are metered, starting around 12,000-15,000VND for the first kilometer. Reputable taxi companies include Mai Linh, Vinasun, and Saigon Tourist. These taxis can be hailed on the street, found at taxi stands, or booked via their mobile apps. Taxis are often a better choice during holidays or special occasions when renting a car from a ride hailing service provider is nearly impossible. Additionally, taxis fares can be cheaper than other ride hailing services during peak hours.

If hailing a taxi on the street, you can try negotiating the fare with the driver, especially for long rides outside of the city center. Explain where you need to go and ask how much for a flat fare upfront before getting in the taxi. You may be able to shave off a dollar or two from the metered rate.

Avoid non-metered taxis whenever possible. It is common for drivers to overcharge foreigners or take circuitous routes in order to raise fares. Negotiate an all-inclusive fare before entering a non-metered taxi based on the typical metered fare for your route. Occasionally, scammers use fake logos similar to the ones of authentic companies.

Motorbike Taxis (Xe Ôm)

Motorbike taxis, or xe ôm, are popular for short distances. Xe ôm drivers honk or shout to pedestrians to offer them rides on most streets. In spite of their convenience, xe ôm do not provide the same level of safety as a car taxi. For rides within a city or town, fares are usually around 20,000-50,000VND. To avoid possible overcharging, you should not use these traditional rides.


MaiLinh is a reputable company. Pay attention to the logo. Usually, the cars are green or white in color.


Vinasun is a reputable company. Pay attention to the logo. Usually, the cars are white in color.

Additional Tips

  • Have your destination address written in Vietnamese to show the driver.

  • Carry small bills as drivers rarely have change for large denominations.

  • Consider taxi alternatives like public transit or motorbike taxis for shorter rides.

  • Double check that the taxi number, license plate, and driver details match what was provided to you.

  • Fake taxis have been known to target tourists, so verifying these details can help prevent scams or theft.

  • Trust your instincts—if anything feels off or makes you worry for your safety, ask the driver to stop and let you out.


Vina taxi is a lesser-known company but often found at airports.

Booking a ride from the airports

Booking a ride (from ride hailing services) from the airports (especially from Tan Son Nhat and Noi Bai) can be extraordinarily challenging for various reasons. In some cases, you may need to walk a long distance and wait for the driver for a long time. Use metered taxis or non-metered taxis with pre-negotiated fares instead. Shuttle/bus services are another great option to get to the city center where you can easily change modes of transportation.