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North Central Coast

a significant geological area in Vietnam and offers opportunities for culture and history exploration for trekking enthusiasts

The North Central Coast (Vietnamese: Duyên Hải Bắc Trung Bộ) is a key economic region in Vietnam, located in the northern part of central Vietnam and adjacent to the Red River Delta in the north, Laos in the west, the South Central Coast in the south, and the South China Sea in the east. The region has six provinces and is known for its convenient transportation system, deep-water ports, and favorable location for economic and tourism development. The area experiences cold and rainy weather in the winter due to the northeast monsoon and hot and dry weather in the summer due to the southwest monsoon.

This region has a rich cultural heritage, with three world heritages, namely Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Hue Ancient Capital relics, Hue royal court music; and a history of producing influential Vietnamese cultural figures and politicians. North Central Coast also has a thriving tourism industry with many beautiful beaches and national parks, and is known for its traditional folk songs. This is also home to a variety of ethnic groups and is mainly focused on mining and building materials, as well as other industries such as wood processing and agriculture.


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