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Nha Trang

beach paradise with 19 islands and Vinpearl Land complex

Nha Trang City is a valley nestled between the East Sea and the Cai and Cua Be rivers, with 19 islands, including the largest Hon Tre Island. It is a popular tourist destination, featuring attractions such as Ponagar Tower, Hon Chong, and Tri Nguyen Aquarium. The city is also a hub for education and is famous for its sea bird nests. In July 2003, Nha Trang Bay was recognized as one of 29 beautiful bays in the world, second only to Halong Bay in Vietnam.

The city is home to many entertainment complexes such as Vinpearl Land, which features a resort, amusement park, and many other facilities. Hon Tam Resort is another popular destination, offering a blend of modern amenities, wild beaches, and tropical forests. Tri Nguyen Aquarium, designed to look like a grounded ship, is also a must-see. Nha Trang is also renowned for hosting international beauty competitions such as Miss Universe and Miss Earth at Vinpearl Land.

Top attractions in Nha Trang

famous beach in Vietnam with stunning nature and atmosphere
a wondrous beach and Vinpearl Amusement Park
secluded nature-friendly resort with unique bedrooms and stunning views
historical landmark with stunning architecture in Nha Trang
escape with ocean activities, beaches, diverse marine life
iconic marrket sells diverse goods in Nha Trang City
Nha Trang's National Oceanographic Museum showcases marine specimens and research
beautiful, adventurous, and perfect weekend getaway
the museum introduces the life of doctor Alexandre Yersin
the largest pagoda in Nha Trang