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Da Nang

a hub in Central Vietnam, offers diverse attractions from mountains to beaches

Da Nang is a travel city in central Vietnam, boasting a diverse geography with high mountains, deep rivers, and beautiful coastal plains. The city offers stunning beaches, including the award-winning Da Nang Beach with endless white sand and clear waters for diving and water sports. Visitors can explore Son Tra Island and Hai Van Pass, known for its spectacular scenery, as well as the Marble Mountains with several caves, temples, and viewpoints. The highlight of Da Nang's tourist sites is Ba Na Hills, offering theme parks and French-inspired architecture amidst stunning vistas. Overall, Da Nang is a must-visit destination for nature, culture, and history enthusiasts.

Top places in Da Nang

Best attractions

stunning cable car, mountain-top marvel, gold-plated
natural preservation area, stunning view, and notable attractions
Danang's must-visit theme park
largest museum Champa artifacts exhibition
Forbes' most attractive beach
Largest temple in Da Nang, tallest Lady Buddha
spiritual karsts with caves, shrines, and pagodas
showcasing local art and cultural heritage
the highest pass in Vietnam

Golf courses

A premier golfing experience, combining the natural beauty of Vietnam’s Central Coast with top-tier facilities and services.
A unique and comprehensive golfing experience, combining luxury, natural beauty, and top-notch facilities to create a destination that appeals to golfers and vacationers alike.