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Mekong Delta

a flat, tropical region in southern Vietnam with great tourism potential

The Mekong Delta (Vietnamese: Đồng bằng Sông Cửu Long, lit. 'Nine Dragon River Delta' or simply Đồng Bằng Sông Mê Kông, 'Mekong River Delta'), also known as the Western Region (Vietnamese: Miền Tây) or South-western region (Vietnamese: Tây Nam Bộ), is a region located in Southern Vietnam that is known for its unique natural features and serves as an important transportation hub for the Indochina Peninsula. The region is composed of 13 provinces and shares borders with Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand. The area is relatively flat and experiences a humid and tropical climate with two distinct seasons. Despite facing challenges such as frequent thunderstorms, the Mekong Delta is actively seeking solutions to promote tourism, culture, economics, and society.

The Mekong Delta is home to four main ethnic groups, each with its own unique culture. The Kinh people bring typical features of Vietnamese culture to the region, while the Khmer people have a closely historic and cultural relationship with Khmer in Cambodia. The Chinese people in the Mekong Delta have shaped their own culture based on inheriting and promoting Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, and Cham culture. The Cham people have a unique and diverse culture, with pottery being a traditional art form.

Tourism in the Mekong Delta has great potential due to its ecological plains and islands, beautiful rivers and canals, and fresh environment. The region also boasts a rich cultural and historical tradition and many traditional folk festivals with a unique cultural identity. The Mekong Delta has many beautiful islands, including Phu Quoc Island, known as the Pearl Island, which has many beautiful beaches with white sand and blue sea. Overall, the Mekong Delta is a unique and attractive destination for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in nature and culture.

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