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Phu Quoc

unspoiled beaches, culture, and natural wonders in Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island, located off the coast of Cambodia, is a must-see destination in Vietnam, featuring unspoiled beaches, luxury resorts, local culture, and natural wonders. With its protected biosphere reserve, traditional fishing villages, and thriving industries in fish sauce, pepper, and pearls, Phu Quoc offers a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional charm. Visitors can indulge in water sports, explore the island's mountain range, and learn about the island's rich history and culture at educational sites and temples.

Top attractions in Phu Quoc

a stunning and unspoiled beach, with hospitable locals and a mild year-round climate
unspoiled tropical beach with world's most pristine beauty
historic site in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, serving as national prison
a must-visit place to discover the cultural significance and unique agricultural models of Phu Quoc pepper
religious site and tourist attraction with ocean views
seafood, crafts, and souvenirs for tourists
a largest Vietnam's open zoo with 150+ species
small waterfall stream in Phu Quoc for relaxation
Phu Quoc's largest temple, serene and beautiful, surrounded by nature