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Vung Tau Lighthouse


The Vung Tau Lighthouse is not just a navigational aid but a cultural and historical beacon, offering insights into Vietnam's maritime history and stunning views of the city and sea

Perched atop the Small Mountain (Nui Nho) in Vung Tau, the Vung Tau Lighthouse stands as an iconic landmark, combining historical significance with breathtaking views of the surrounding seascape and cityscape. Dating back to the 19th century, this lighthouse is not only one of the oldest of its kind in Vietnam but also a testament to the maritime heritage of the region. Its strategic position and architectural elegance make it a must-visit destination for those exploring Vung Tau, offering insights into the city's past and unparalleled vistas of the South China Sea.

7:00 am - 5:00 pm
There is no admission fee to visit the Vung Tau Lighthouse, making it an accessible attraction for all visitors to the city.
Address on the top of a small mountain (also called Tao Phung Mountain), in Ward 2, Vung Tau City; It can be reached by a scenic drive or walk, offering visitors a chance to appreciate the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the area before arriving at the lighthouse.

Hours and Fees

The Vung Tau Lighthouse was constructed during the French colonial period, serving as a crucial navigational aid for maritime vessels approaching the busy ports of Vung Tau. Its enduring presence over the decades has made it a symbol of guidance and safety, embodying the city's long-standing relationship with the sea. Today, the lighthouse not only continues to fulfill its original purpose but also serves as a historical monument, inviting visitors to delve into its storied past while enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of its surroundings.

The lighthouse's architecture, with its classic design and white façade, stands out against the lush greenery of Small Mountain, offering a picturesque setting for photography enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Activities and Experiences

Panoramic Views: The lighthouse offers some of the most spectacular panoramic views in Vung Tau, overlooking the vast South China Sea and the sprawling city below. It is an ideal spot for photography, especially during sunrise or sunset.

Historical Exploration: Learn about the lighthouse's historical role in maritime navigation and its significance to Vung Tau's development as a port city. Informational plaques and guided tours can provide deeper insights into its past.

Nature Walks: The area surrounding the lighthouse features walking paths through lush vegetation, allowing visitors to enjoy a peaceful nature walk as part of their visit.

Cultural Engagement: The lighthouse vicinity often hosts local vendors selling crafts and snacks, offering visitors a taste of local culture and cuisine.

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Best Time to Visit

For Ideal Weather: The best months to visit the Vung Tau Lighthouse are from December to April when the weather is dry and cool, making outdoor exploration more comfortable.

Tips for Travelers

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: The climb to the lighthouse is steep in parts, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

  • Bring Water: Ensure to carry water, especially on hot days, to stay hydrated during your ascent and exploration of the area.

  • Respect the Site: As a historical landmark, visitors are encouraged to respect the site by not littering and preserving the natural and architectural integrity of the lighthouse.

The Vung Tau Lighthouse is not just a navigational aid but a cultural and historical beacon, offering insights into Vietnam's maritime history and stunning views of the city and sea. Its accessibility, combined with the enriching experiences it offers, makes it a highlight for anyone visiting Vung Tau. Whether you're drawn by the allure of history, the beauty of architecture, or simply the panoramic vistas, a visit to the Vung Tau Lighthouse promises a memorable experience that captures the essence of this coastal city.

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