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Performing Arts

Vietnam's performing arts scene showcases its culture and history, with diverse forms of entertainment from traditional performances to modern

Vietnam's performing arts scene offers a unique and diverse insight into the country's culture and history, making it a must-see for tourists. From the captivating water puppetry, depicting scenes from daily life and legends, to the modern folk opera of cai luong, which combines traditional and Western elements, there is something for everyone.

Traditional Vietnamese dance and music performances, featuring instruments like the dan bau, dan tranh, and dan nhi, are also a highlight. These performances often include culturally rich dances like the lion and dragon dances, providing a deep appreciation of Vietnam's traditions.

Overall, the country's performing arts scene offers a unique and immersive experience for tourists, allowing you to explore Vietnam's rich artistic heritage.

Traditional theator

Vietnam's traditional theatrical performances, such as Háttuồng, Hátchèo, Cảilương, and Water Puppetry, offer a diverse range of experiences that highlight the country's oral traditions and folk stories.

Traditional dance

Vietnam's traditional dances, including the Imperial Court Dance originating from the Tran and Nguyen dynasties. Another popular dance is the Lion Dance, commonly performed during the Lunar New Years, incorporating elements of martial arts and acrobatics.

Traditional Musical Instruments

Vietnam boasts a diverse range of traditional musical instruments, such as the 16-string zither (Đàn Tranh), monochord zither (Đàn Bầu), moon-shaped lute (Đàn Nguyệt), bamboo flute (Sáo), 36-string hammered dulcimer (Đàn Tam Thap Luc), and drum (Trống), enriching the captivating sounds of Vietnamese traditional music.

Traditional Music Genre

Vietnam's traditional music includes Nhãnhạc, imperial court music performed with court dances; Quanho, folk singing with alternating male and female singers; and Ca trù, an ancient chamber music genre recognized as an 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' by UNESCO.

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