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Ha Noi

Vietnam’s capital and one of the oldest cities

Hanoi, also spelled Ha Noi, is the capital city of Vietnam. It is located in the northern part of Vietnam, the name "Hanoi" comes from two Vietnamese words: "Ha" which means "river", and "Noi" which means "interior" or "inside". The city is situated along the Red River, which has been a vital part of Hanoi's history and growth. Besides being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is also a municipality (thanh pho) that is governed by the central government.

Hanoi was settled in prehistoric times and became the capital of Vietnam in 1010 under the Ly dynasty. It was later renamed several times, and under French rule, it became the capital of French Indochina. After World War II, Hanoi was briefly the capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam until the French reasserted control. Following the end of the Vietnam War, Hanoi became the capital of the unified Socialist Republic of Vietnam. In 2010, Hanoi celebrated its 1,000th anniversary.

Today, Hanoi is a well-known destination that offers a unique blend of local cuisine and captivating attractions. It is a diverse region with a mix of different communities that creates a vibrant atmosphere. This is a city where you can discover numerous well-preserved colonial buildings, unique museums, ancient pagodas in the central area, and a plethora of things to see and do. It’s also a place where you can connect with the Vietnamese spirit, discovering diverse personalities that can lead to unique experiences. It helps you to have valuable behavioral experience when understanding a different culture.

The capital city of Vietnam is definitely worth exploring, regardless of whether it is your first time visiting or not.

Top attractions in Ha Noi

Best things to do

Renowned museum in Hanoi showcases art from prehistory to modern times
a French colonial gem standing strong in Hanoi
a revered resting place of Ho Chi Minh, the revolutionary leader of Vietnam
A historic relic witnessing Hanoi's history
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a relic reflects Vietnam's educational history during the prominence of Confucianism
the largest natural lake in Hanoi
symbolic communist prison in Vietnam's capital
Vietnam's historical relic typical of feudal courts
a-thousand-year-legacy of Hanoi’s history
trade center for daily necessity of Hanoi
largest theatre in Vietnam with a magnificent sight to behold