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Vung Tau

popular weekend destination with beaches, mountains, and delicious food

Vung Tau, located 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City, is a popular weekend destination with beautiful beaches and mountains. It's easily accessible by bus or hydrofoil, with the latter offering views of the commercial maritime areas. Back Beach and Front Beach are popular spots for swimming and sightseeing, while Pineapple Beach and Mulberry Beach are recommended by backpackers. Visitors can also explore the city's famous landmarks, including the statue of Jesus Christ, Villa Blanche, Cloud Lake, and beautiful pagodas.

Top attractions in Vung Tau

whale bones symbolize protector
a museum displaying rare weapons and military uniforms from all over the world
a musement park with waterfall, eco-garden, games, panoramic views, modern entertainment
beautiful beaches in Vung Tau city
secluded paradise, white sand, scuba diving
French-built lighthouse on Vung Tau's Small Mountain for ship signaling
a blend of history, scenic beauty, and natural wonder with its intricate cave system to explore