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Scenic Rides

Vietnam's multifaceted coastal stretch provides thrilling road trip adventures for intrepid adventurers

Vietnam's meandering coastline, stretching from north to south and encompassing diverse landscapes of mountains, jungles, paddy fields, beaches, and historic sites, offers an enticing route for road-trippers. The 1,137-kilometer journey between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is one of the epic road trips that allure adventurers. With a staggering number of motorbikes on the roads, travelers will find ample company as they explore Vietnam's captivating scenery, supported by convenient repair shops, gas stations, and food stops.

Whether by car or motorbike, Vietnam presents a wealth of scenic drives perfect for weekend getaways. Beyond the iconic cross-country journey, there are hidden treasures to uncover along these routes, providing a sense of discovery and adventure. Foreigners can easily rent or purchase second-hand motorbikes to venture into the country's backcountry, embracing the liberating sensation of cruising amidst picturesque countryside and feeling the invigorating breeze. For those who prefer alternative transportation, private tours, buses, and train also traverse these scenic routes, catering to a variety of preferences and travel styles.

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