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Arts and Crafts

Vietnam's state-controlled arts and handicrafts, along with unique craft villages specializing in traditional art forms, make for a rich cultural experience

Vietnam has a strong emphasis on the arts as a means of propagating socialist values, with state-controlled organizations for theater, literature, cinema, and painting. Despite financial difficulties, musical theater traditions continue to be performed, and indigenous graphic art traditions such as lacquerware and ceramics remain popular.

The country also has a rich tradition of creating traditional handicrafts, with numerous craft villages throughout the country. Each village specializes in a unique art form, such as Bat Trang for ceramics, Ha Dong for silk products, Chuong My for wood carving, Van Ha for puppet making, Duyen Thai for lacquer ware, and Dong Ho for paper making. Xuan La village produces chicken's toys using rice powder and colored inks, while on the Thu Bon River Islands, artisans create woodblock prints and silk weavings. These handicrafts make excellent souvenirs or gifts for loved ones, as well as a reminder of the beautiful culture of Vietnam.

Best Arts and Crafts in Vietnam
a beloved attraction renowned for its captivating water puppetry performances