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An adventure amid stunning landscapes: cliff camping in Vietnam

Last updated: August 15, 2023
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Embark on a unique cliff camping adventure in Vietnam where you can lie on a hanging bed, read a book, sip a beer, and marvel at the sunset.

During the final days of April, Thuy Duong, a Hanoi resident, went cliff camping twice. Such tourism is not popular in Vietnam, and private tours for this activity are non-existent.

The idea of cliff camping first caught Duong's attention five to seven years ago on foreign travel websites, but she has only recently had the chance to try it out.

In order to minimize risks, participants wear two to three sets of protective gear, and an expert supervises the entire journey.

Her decision to participate in cliff camping was based on careful consideration of the potential risks.

Prior to joining the trip, Duong researched the equipment and familiarized herself with its use. A specialist taught her the techniques twice a week for several months.

Cliff camping is an expensive, niche, arguably dangerous, and skill-intensive activity that is not appropriate for everyone. It can, however, provide an intense high like no other for those who partake.


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