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Immerse Yourself in Cham Culture at the Kate Festival in Vietnam

Last updated: October 29, 2023
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As you wander the dusty paths of the Cham villages in Ninh Thuan province, the sounds of drums and gongs fill the air. You've arrived at the Kate festival, the most important annual event for the Cham minority people of Vietnam. For three days each October, the Cham come together to honor their ancestors, strengthen community bonds, and celebrate their vibrant culture.

To immerse yourself in the Cham way of life, head to the ancient Cham towers that still stand in the countryside. Climb the worn stone steps as Cham priests have done for centuries and take in the view from the top, a sea of red-tiled roofs backed by green rice paddies and the distant mountains. Then join in the festivities - watch costumed Cham dancers spin and leap to the beat of traditional music, sample aromatic Cham dishes, or try your hand at kate weaving.

Amid the revelry, you'll gain insight into the rich history and traditions of the Cham, Vietnam's first Indianized kingdom. Though only about 150,000 Cham remain today, their culture lives on in colorful events like the Kate festival. By immersing yourself in their world, even for a short time, you'll experience a Vietnam far removed from the bustle of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. A Vietnam hidden in plain sight, awaiting discovery.

What Is the Kate Festival?

The Kate Festival is an important annual festival celebrated by the Cham ethnic minority in Vietnam’s Ninh Thuan province. Held at the Po Klaung Garai temple, the event commemorates the legendary founders of the Cham kingdom, the last king Po Klong Garai and Queen Po Sah Inu.


The three-day festival features traditional Cham rituals, dance, and cultural activities. On the first day, Cham people gather at the Po Klaung Garai temple to pray for good fortune, peace, and prosperity. Colorful lanterns and flags adorn the temple, while traditional Cham music is performed. In the evening, locals don traditional attire and join a parade through the streets.

The second day begins with a water procession, where ornately decorated boats are floated down a river. Villagers then gather for traditional Cham dances like the Kate dance. Elders chant ancient Cham scriptures as young people dance in circles to drums and gongs.

On the final day, attendees make offerings and pray at the tombs of ancient Cham kings. Elders perform the solemn Oc Eo ceremony to honor Cham ancestors. Afterward, there are buffalo fights, cock fights, and other traditional games.

The Kate Festival offers a glimpse into the rich culture and history of the Cham people. With vibrant costumes, music, dance, and ceremony, this event transports visitors back in time and allows them to experience the enduring cultural traditions of this ethnic minority group.

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