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Vietnam issues e-visa for all countries with extended visa-free stay

Starting August 15, 2023, Vietnam is granting 90-day, multiple-entry e-visas to citizens of all countries through online applications. Vietnam has significantly opened and eased visa access through new e-visas for all nationalities and longer visa-free stays for selected countries.
Last updated: August 15, 2023
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  • Vietnam has decided to grant electronic visas (e-visas) to citizens of all countries entering Vietnam starting August 15, 2023. Previously e-visas were only available to citizens of 80 countries.

  • The new e-visas will be valid for multiple entries within 90 days and issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department through an electronic system.

  • 13 airports and 29 land/sea border gates will allow entry/exit with e-visas.

  • Vietnam has also extended the visa-free stay duration from 15 to 45 days for citizens of 13 countries who are unilaterally exempted from visas, including major European countries, Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Belarus.

  • The visa relaxations aim to attract more tourism, investment, business cooperation and scientific research to Vietnam.

Applying for Vietnam's new e-visa program

  • E-visas allowing 90 day stays are now available to citizens of all countries through Vietnam's Immigration Department website or the Ministry of Public Security's online portal.

  • Applicants must provide details on their trip like intended entry/exit dates, ports, and address in Vietnam.

  • Choices are single or multiple entry e-visas based on trip purpose.

  • Passport data page, photo, and image are required in the online application form.

  • A $25 fee is charged after receiving an electronic dossier code.

  • It takes 3 working days to issue the e-visa after applying.

  • The e-visa can be used to enter at 13 airports and 29 land/sea ports across Vietnam.