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Ha Long

UNESCO site, popular tourist spot, stunning limestone landscape

Halong Bay is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site twice; it is a very popular tourist destination in the northeast of Vietnam, managed by Quang Ninh Province and Hai Phong Province. The bay has an area of about 1,500km2, consisting of 1,969 islands and islets made up of limestone mountains. It took 500 million years for these limestone mountains to form what we now know as Halong Bay - a stunning landscape that has been home to human beings for centuries yet still retains its cultural values.

The captivating vista of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is a first-class natural wonder that will take your breath away. Emerald green waters invite you to set out on an excursion that will bring you past thousands of majestic, jagged islands and islets. The hidden caves are quite a sight, with structures that tell a story from centuries ago.

Top attractions in Ha Long

a long range of islands which was created when the whole limestone upland sunk below sea level
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with forests, beaches, and folklore
massive, beautiful cave in Halong Bay itinerary
a charming Halong Bay destination for nature-lovers
Halong Bay's awe-inspiring stalactite and stalagmite wonders
peaceful oasis in the heart of Cat Ba National Park
historical site with cannons and tunnels on the hill
a primitive and unspoiled beauty beach
an island with sandy beaches and clear blue sea water
a unique frog-jaw-shaped cave consisting of two small caves